A City for Children

A City for Children

Protect children from betting shops and casinos

There’s been a rise in gambling clubs and casinos in recent years.  Local Authorities must ensure that the Development Plan doesn’t allow for these premises to expand, particularly in residential areas.


Ensure children can play safely on the path outside their home

Too much traffic and parked cars are making it difficult for older people and children to get around.  Lower speed limits, bollards and green space  can give children a safe place to play with their friends outside their front door


Provide more Safe Routes to School to encourage walking and cycling

Let’s encourage children to get more regular exercise by rolling out Home-zones, safe crossing points and cycle lanes so that children can get around safely by themselves


Plan ‘Fry-free’ zones near schools to tackle obesity

Making the right nutrition choices is important in children’s early years. The Councils need to discourage new fast-food outlets from opening right outside the school gates. This king of measure needs to be incorporated into the Development Plan.

Work to broaden education choices options for children

Traditionally single faith schools were the only option available to families in their area. The Green Party will work to make available other choices including Educate Together Schools at Primary and Second Level.