A Cleaner City

Place dog dirt bins in the right places

In recent years the amount of bins has reduced. Local Authorities need to provide small bins  for dog poo bags on utility poles along the streets that used by residents and their dogs


Free pooper scoopers when you renew your dog license

Local Authorities make tens of thousands of euro from dog license fees. Why not use some of this money to send out a couple of free cardboards and paper ‘pooper scoopers’ when you renew your license. The license could also contain some useful information about the dangers of toxicariasis.


Improve the yearly free bulk waste collection

Privatising waste collections has led to widely carrying practices around the city; confusion about pick-up times, and significant charges, even for recycling.  One simple change that green councillors would initiate would be to reinstate, and let residents know a few days in advance when the bulk household waste collection would take place.


Plant trees and flowers on derelict sites

Little things can make a world of a difference.  The Council needs to up its game when it comes to derelict sites. Let’s map them, and  take action under the Litter Laws and Derelict Sites laws owners to force owners to improve sites or sell them on.


Name, shame and fine those who dump household waste

Greater resources are need to tackle litter black-spots.  Councils need to explain to residents the laws that apply and relentlessly pursue those who leave out untagged waste. In addition the name sof those who are fined in court should  be printed to name and shame those responsible.