Cuffe: Ross and Fitzgerald must tackle road deaths

The Green Party today called for Government action as a fourth cyclist dies in less than three weeks on Ireland’s roads.

It has called for a real commitment from Government to improve safety on Ireland’s roads for the most vulnerable road users – pedestrians and cyclists.

Green Party Transport Spokesperson Councillor Ciarán Cuffe said today: “Tackling cycling deaths must be placed higher in the Government’s transport priorities. Minister Ross should reverse the cuts in walking and cycling that have been implemented over the last two years. There was a 21% reduction in walking and cycling expenditure in 2016 and there is projected to be an 18% reduction for 2017. These cuts cannot be justified. Instead he should allocate twenty per cent of transport funding to walking and cycling measures. Too many cycling projects that would save lives have been stalled due to lack of funding.

“The Minister for Justice must also ensure that An Garda Síochána take speeding seriously. As the Garda Commissioner struggles to justify controversies over penalty notices and the exaggeration of Garda drink driving statistics it is time for action to make our roads safer. Minister Fitzgerald must ensure that speed limits are adequately enforced, that cycle lanes are kept free of parked cars, and that minimum passing distances between cyclists and other vehicles are enshrined in law.

“More and more people are walking and cycling in Dublin, and the Government must ensure that are roads are safe for all road users. That means enforcing the law, and building new safe segregated cycle lanes on major roads without delay. Bodies such as the Dublin Cycling Campaign have presented clear and achievable demands for short-term action. It is time for Minister Ross to act.”


Issued 28Mar17,page last updated 28Mar17

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