Green Party call for inquiry into Mountjoy Square fires

The Green Party today called for an inquiry into the safety of buildings on Dublin’s Mountjoy Square, as it emerged that last Monday’s fire in No.’s 1 and 2 Mountjoy Square was a near carbon-copy of a similar fire ten years ago in which 35 people were rescued from the same buildings in similar circumstances.

The Green Party’s Councillor Ciarán Cuffe who represents the North Inner City ward said: “I am concerned that near identical fires have occurred in the same two buildings a decade apart. It is a miracle that no-one was killed in either fire. I will be seeking a full report from our Chief Executive Owen Keegan on what actions were taken by the City Council subsequent to the 2006 fire, and whether statutory notices were issued, or complied with.

“We need to ensure that all landlords are fully aware of, and compliant with their statutory responsibilities, and ensure in particular that over-crowding does not occur. Local residents have raised concerns about the condition of these, and similar buildings in the past. I want be reassured by City Council officials that they have responded appropriately to these concerns, and that they will redouble their efforts to tackle planning and fire safety concerns in the future.”

Mr. Cuffe has submitted the following Motion for consideration at the March meeting of Dublin City Council:

“That the City Council investigate and report on all planning enforcement, fire and other notices issued in regard to No.’s 1 and 2 Mountjoy Square given that fires resulting in the hospitalisation of residents occurred on 27th December 2006 and 20th February 2017. This inquiry and report shall give details of all complaints received relating to the building, investigate whether the building was over-crowded, and in compliance with all regulations, and provide details of any Section 59 Endangerment Notices issued under the Planning and Development Acts.”



Link to RTÉ report on 20th February 2017 fire:

Link to RTÉ report on 28th December 2006 fire:

Issued 24Feb17, last updated 28Mar17


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