Greener Dublin

A Greener Dublin with space for parks and play

Local Authorities need to plant more trees on residential streets. They also need to plant more interesting varieties of trees such as native Irish species and fruit trees. More green space and planting can help absorb storm rainfall and reduce flood risk.


Improve play facilities and opening times for parks

Many parks remain closed just at the times that people want to use them, particularly in the Summer months. There needs to be more wild spaces and areas of bio-diversity  for children in our parks. We also want to introduce cafes, close to play facilities so parent met a friend for  a cuppah and keep an eye on their children.


Make community gardens on empty sites

Local Authorities have a key role to play in tackling dereliction, starting with the lands they own themselves. Such sites can be used for pop-up parks, community gardens and allotments instead of attracting litter.


A Climate Change Plan to reduce flooding

Dublin City’s Climate Strategy expired in 2012. Green councillors will put in place a plan to tackle climate change at a local level that reduces emissions and protects your home. The Council needs to encourage walking and cycling as put in place measures to save energy citywide.


Support the Lifeline Project at Grangegorman

The Lifeline Project aims to make a green corridor in the Northwest part of the city adjacent to the Broadstone railway line. As the Luas BXD extension gets underway we want to make sure that there’s space for nature and the surround communities to walk and cycle through their neighbourhood.