Planning for Communities

Provide a directly-elected Mayor for Dublin

Dublin has become a city of one and a half million people. Instead of mayors in Fingal and South Dublin who come and go every year we need a directly-elected mayor for all of Dublin who can lead and inspire the city for a five year term. If we don’t like what (s)he does we can kick them out.


Make the City Council website easier to navigate

Tried to pay your dog license online recently? Good luck! The City Council needs to be simplified and made more user-friendly. It should also explain who is responsible at every level of the City Council.


Publish how the Council spends our money in plain English

People deserve to know how money is being spent in their area. If people had more information they might choose to spend it differently. Transparency is crucial in making informed decisions.


Give small businesses a break – less Council red tape

Businesses are often run on a knife-edge between success and failure.  Varying demands from different officials who don’t want to know what their colleagues are saying complicates matters. Instead of presenting obstacles we want City Council staff to answer the phone and say “Hi, City Council – What can I do to help?”


Replace unreadable street signs with signs built to last

Finding your way around town is hard enough as a Dub. Imagine what it’s like when you move here from abroad. Let’s review the street signs and replace faded and indecipherable signs with good clean graphics in Irish and English.


Full accessibility for people with disabilities

Whether its parents pushing buggy, or people who use wheelchairs the streets of Dublin can be a nightmare to navigate. Dublin City Council needs to lead by example and make sure that every crossing point has a dished kerb, and easier access for people with restricted mobility