Proper Housing

Proper Housing and Planning

Communities at the heart of Development Plans

Putting together the Development Plan shouldn’t just happen at a desk in a far-away office . Council must sit down and listen to the needs of communities and organise ‘Planning for Real’ workshops to ensure that their concerns are taken on board.


Support the new ‘Living City’ scheme to restore older buildings

New measures are needed to encourage people to restore our heritage.  The Government has said it will introduce a Living City scheme, but this needs to be fast-tracked to rescue endangered buildings and encourage people to ‘Live over the Shop’.


Improve planning enforcement and protect our heritage

The Planning enforcement system in the city is a shambles. It needs to be better resourced and managed so that complaints are followed up on in a timely manner


A better managed flat maintenance scheme

Local Authorities need to put in place a Cyclical Maintenance Scheme so that regular maintenance issues are addressed. Instead of fire-fighting when things go wrong there should be a regular survey and works carried out to flats and houses owned by the Council. When houses and flats go vacant the Council should have a ‘SWOT Team’ ready to refurbish them quickly instead of boarding them up for years on end.


Provide free smoke detectors to older people

Every home should have at least one smoke alarm. The Council should provide a free call out and installation of a basic alarm for older people in their homes.


Integrate services to people who are homeless

Homeless is on the rise in Dublin. People deserve a roof over their head but they also required the support to address the issues that led to them becoming homeless in the first place. This requires better co-ordination and funding from all four Dublin Councils.