Protect Communities

Seek rent controls to protect tenants

Dublin City needs to more closely monitor the  quality of rented accommodation and fire and construction codes.  The Green Party wants to cap exorbitant rent increases, and increase security of tenure so that those who rent can’t be evicted after their lease expires.


Stronger links between Dublin and the developing world

Dublin City Council has a large annual budget. Green Councillors would maximise opportunities for technology transfers between the city and developing countries such as the Fair Trade system. The City also needs to seek out the views of immigrants living in Dublin and forge economic, cultural and sporting partnerships.


Decent housing for the Travelling Community

Local Authorities need to work more closely with the Travelling Community on housing choices. Maintenance and management also need to be improved.



Ensure the City Council helps integrate immigrants

Immigration has brought fantastic cultural diversity to the city. However the City needs to ensure that people who have come here from abroad have access to language and education and ensure that they are included in decision-making.


Improve addiction awareness education

Green Councillors will work with city officials and NGOs to ensure that school children learn about the realities of addiction. They will also seek an integrated approaching to health, housing, employment and other services that are needed by vulnerable groups in the city.


Better Policing

Every resident should feel safe o the street and in their home. Through the Joint Policing Committees Green party Councillors will ensure that Community Guards are more accessible, and seek a more coordinated approach to crime detection and reduction in the City