Tame the Traffic

Provide wider footpaths and traffic calming

Walking and cycling deserve to be encouraged. One simple measure that can be implemented at low cost is to widen footpaths to make it easier for children and older people to walk around town. Many areas could also benefit from area-wide traffic calming and lower speed limits.


Fix potholes on our footpaths and roads

The quality of footpaths has deteriorated in recent years. Dublin City Council spends over €80 million every year on transport. More of this needs to be spent on fixing holes and improving pavements.


Extend the Dublin Bikes scheme

It is great to see the Dublin Bikes scheme extended to Docklands and towards Stoneybatter and Phibsborough. However we need to speed up the roll-out of Dublin Bikes to other areas in Dublin. We also need to put reinstate the post of Dublin Cycling Officer.


Ensure Garda cars keep to speed limits and park legally

An Garda Síochána need to lead by example. Instead of parking on footpaths and cycle lanes, and speeding down residential streets they need to slow down and observe the laws that apply to everyone else.


Longer Green Man times at pedestrian crossings

Older people are afraid to cross the road because they won’t have a long enough Green Man signal. We need to allocate more time for pedestrians, even at major crossings and ensure that all legs of intersections have a pedestrian phase.