Vibrant City

Build a new swimming pool in the north inner city

Cities need to provide decent facilities for sports and recreation, particularly in areas of disadvantage. Every community deserves state-of-the-art sporting facilities within walking distance of where they live.


Tackle noise pollution from car alarms and traffic

Dublin City is contravening European Directives on noise pollution. The city has mapped out the high noise areas. It now needs to tackle noise pollution. . This can be done through reducing speeding and new by-laws and monitoring of late-night venues.


A Dublin City Market with good value fresh food

Over the years Dublin City Council has closed the Iveagh Market, Fish Market and Daisy market. New thinking is needed to revitalise the Fruit and Vegetable Market along the lines of the English Market in Cork, and the George’s market in Belfast.  Residents deserve to have a market that sells affordable fruit, vegetables and other produce close to where they live.


More live music in our parks, and support for alcohol-free venues

Dublin City Council organises music during the Summer months in some of our parks we’d like to see this expanded, with more opportunities for young singers and bands. In recent months one of the few alcohol-fr venues in Temple bar closed down. The City needs to make available new spaces that provide an alternative to the pub for social activities and that are well managed.