Over the years I’ve written a few newspaper and magazine articles and conference papers here and there reflecting my views on some of the topical issues of the day. I’ve put some of them online below. Some have aged well, others perhaps less so, but I hope you find them interesting!

2018 There’s money in muck: no time to waste for Ireland’s rubbish  TheJournal.ie, 6th January 2018

2017  Time for a VisionZero Approach to Road SafetyTheJournal.ie, 3rd December 2017

A radical re-think is now required for the Iveagh Market,  IrishTimes.com, 19th August 2017

2016 Ten tips to reduce your Carbon Footprint. Irish Independent, 1st October 2016

Fast trains and motorways may grab the headlines, but we actually need more buses.  TheJournal.ie, 2nd August 2016

Why extending 30km/h speed limit zones in Dublin will save lives. TheJournal.ie,  29th May 2016

A Future for Small Sites in Dublin   ‘The City at Eye Level’, Eburon, Rotterdam, 2016

2015 Chancery House, Nice Gaff!  Totally Dublin Magazine, December 2015

Action needed on lead in water.  Dublin Gazette, 18th June 2015

2014 We have to plan for real quality of life, let’s start with the Liffey Quays First. TheJournal.ie, 18th June 2014

Time for a directly elected mayor for Dublin. Village Magazine, March 2014

Radical Reform or Groundhog Day? Thoughts on The Government’s plans for Local Government Reform, Paper to the  Irish Planning Institute, January 2014

2013 How about a New Island for Dublin Bay? Sunday Times, May 2013

Architecture and Politics: making the connections. Some thoughts on design and leadership. Architecture Ireland, April 2013

2012 Green Living, what does that mean?  Irish Times, August 2012

2006  Why Not Pedestrianise College Green? An Interview with Ciarán Cuffe IrishElection.com, 20th June 2006

2005 D-Day for Climate Change as Kyoto Protocol Comes into EffectEvening Herald, 19th February 2005

2004 Debate must be opened up on the rights of the child. Sunday Tribune 28 November 2004

 Some thoughts on One-off Housing. Irish Independent.  3rd January 2004

2003 Ciarán Cuffe TD looks into his Crystal ball and provides a wish list for 2004…Sunday Business Post 28th December 2003

The View of the Spire from the Red Cow Roundabout, A paper to the Irish Planning Institute Annual Conference, March 2003

End the Quangos and restore Local Government
Sunday Business Post, 13 July 2003

2002 National Spatial Strategy -Too little, too late? Irish Independent, 29th November 2002

Questionable Rezonings and the Flood Report. Evening Herald, 1st October 2002

Off to Dublin in the Green in the Green: living sustainably– Irish Independent 24th June 2002

President McAleese Home Illustrates Holiday Home Problem in Rural Ireland.  Irish Independent 5th April 2002

2001  Go-ahead for Sellafield MOX Plant – Irish Independent 10th December 2001

Time to dump our antiquated Licensing Laws and give choice to the consumers. Evening Herald 2 November 2001

Stop Road Death Carnage.  Irish Independent 26th July 2001

A Fictitious Guide to Dublin 2020… Evening Herald 3rd May 2001

Immigrants Should be Welcomed to Ireland. Evening Herald 28th March 2001

‘Reduce, re-use and recycle’ is the antidote to illegal dumping. Evening Herald 28th March 2001

2000 Environmental Year Review. Irish Independent, December 2000

Hague Conference on Climate Change. Irish Independent, 21st November 2000

Flood Chaos and the link to Climate Change. Irish Independent, 7th November 2000

Climate Change has become a RealityIrish Independent, 2nd November 2000

Metro A Smokescreen for Government’s Road Plans. Irish Independent, 15th August 2000

Back to the Drawing Board For Spencer Dock. Irish Independent, July 2000

1999 People Power in Skyscraper Decision at George’s Quay.  Irish Independent 1 October 1999

Electricity Pylons Decision Revoked on Health Grounds.  Irish Independent, 23rd March 1999

Spencer Dock given Green Light by Dublin City Council.  Irish Independent, 9th August 1999

Climate Change – Where does Ireland Stand? Irish Independent, 16th September 1999

1998 Eastern Bypass: More roads, less choice? Irish Times, December 1998

1993  The Future of the Liffey Quays.  Irish Times May 1993


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