Cuffe Calls for Dublin Minister in wake of gang deaths

Cumberland StreetDirectly elected Mayor for Dublin also required to take the lead on managing city and tackling crime and deprivation

The Green Party has called on the Taoiseach to appoint a Minister with responsibility for the City of Dublin. It has accused the new Government on prioritising the policing needs of rural communities ahead of the capital City.

Councillor Ciarán Cuffe, Green Party Councillor for Dublin’s North Inner City stated today:

“There is no Minister with responsibility for Dublin. Our Minister for Urban Renewal is only a Minister of State whose constituency’s largest town of Navan has a population of under 30,000.  I represent Dublin’s North Inner City which has a population of 67,000, just over twice that of Navan.  In the last 105 days four people have suffered violent deaths within one square mile. Communities are living in fear and require a response that goes beyond addressing their immediate policing needs.

“Urgent Government action is required to address the serious anti-community violence and drug crime that is afflicting local communities in Dublin City. We also must address the causes of gang violence that include the entrenched and intergenerational poverty, inequality and social exclusion in parts of Dublin. In these areas of multiple deprivation there are deep-seated housing, health, education, policing and environmental needs. A co-ordinated approach is needed to address this. We must break the cycle of violence, addiction and drug dealing that is so damaging to the community.

“An immediate response is required from Government to give a Dublin Minister responsibility for the city’s needs. In the longer term a directly elected Mayor is required as is common in other cities. That Mayor should have responsibilities to coordinate and manage the needs of our Capital City as is the place in other countries. Our current ‘revolving-door’ system of year-long mayors is not helping us in providing a political response to generations of neglect that in some instances go back to the foundation of the State. Dublin’s needs are being neglected in the Government’s rush towards parochial politics.


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Moore Street: Time for City Council to Act

Moore Street

The Green Party has welcomed yesterday’s High Court decision on Moore Street and called on Dublin’s City Council’s Chief Executive to fast-track the preparation of  Local Area Plan for the Street and its environs.

The Green Party’s  Ciarán Cuffe who represents the Moore Street area as a City Councillor for the North Inner City stated:

“Yesterday’s High Court judgement is an important step forward in protecting the built heritage of the area.We now need a commitment from the Senior Management Team of the City Council that they will take action to honour this judgement. They must now proceed with preparing the Local Area Plan that the Green Party proposed to protect the area. The City Council’s planners have lagged behind teh Office of Public Works in recognising the heritage value of buildings on the site. This must now cease and further buildings must be added to the list of Ptrotected Structures in the City;s Development Plan which is under review.

“We know that the Chief Executive Owen Keegan has met with representatives of the site’s new owners, UK-listed property group Hammerson and Allianz Real Estate. We do not know what discussions took place, but the protection of the older buildings and the 1916 battlefield site must be placed at the heart of any discussions.

We know that last year Senior Officials proposed the selling off of their buildings on Moore Street to facilitate the out-dated Dublin Central development. Planning Permission for that scheme expires next year. It is now time to  facilitate a sensitive mixed-use development that protects the past. Any plans for comprehensive redevelopment for another shopping mall must now be put aside. The provision of new housing should be fundamental to any developer’s plans.

“Colm Moore and the 1916 Relatives who took the case must be congratulated, along with Dr. Pat Wallace, former Director of the National Museum who gave valuable evidence.”


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Kelly must get back to work and act on homeless families

mjThe Green Party has called on the Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly TD to get back to work and take action to prevent Dublin families from becoming homeless.

Thirteen families living in temporary accommodation in Dublin’s North Inner City face eviction today from emergency accommodation that had been leased by Dublin City Council from a private landlord.

The landlord of 54/55 Mountjoy Street, Dublin 1 had requested that the County Council vacate the premises. The families stated that the alternative accommodation being offered by the Council is unsuitable for their needs as it would result in families being placed in separated rooms in hotel accommodation

Green Party Councillor Ciarán Cuffe, who represents the North Inner City said: “Alan Kelly needs to get back to work and tackle the housing crisis. On the same day that these families face eviction a new Dublin City Council report shows that 90% of the 6,360 private rented dwellings when inspected failed to comply with minimum standards over the last three years. Today almost a quarter are still not compliant. With 1,500 substandard rented homes in the city it is time for Alan Kelly to get back to work. He still is the Minister.

“In the short-term I urge him to meet with the owner of 54/55 Mountjoy Street and negotiate to allow the 13 families remain in place until suitable accommodation is found.”

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