Cuffe calls for Fine Gael MEP candidates to endorse statement denouncing political violence


Fine Gael’s EU grouping did not sign statement endorsed by every other major political group

Statement follows brutal attack on German MEP Matthias Ecke while he was putting up posters

Dublin MEP Ciarán Cuffe has called for Fine Gael MEP candidates to endorse a European declaration ‘In Defence of Democracy’ condemning political violence during the European elections campaign. The declaration was drafted following an attack on German MEP Matthias Ecke while he was putting up campaign posters in Dresden, Germany. Published yesterday (May 8th), the Declaration was signed by every major political grouping in the European Parliament except the European People’s Party - the European political home of Fine Gael.

Ciarán Cuffe MEP said:

“It is worrying that Fine Gael’s political grouping in Europe declined to sign this statement that rejects violence and endorses democracy. As some of their member parties strike deals with the far-right, it is important that EPP members show their commitment to defending democracy and rejecting violence.
“I am calling on all of Ireland’s candidates for the forthcoming European Elections, including members of Fine Gael, to state their support for the ‘In Defence of Democracy’ declaration.”

The declaration was signed by the Socialists & Democrats (S&D), Renew Europe, the Greens/EFA, and The Left. It condemns the attack against MEP Ecke and other politicians, as well as recent violence by far-right supporters in Sweden, attacks against political party offices in Spain, and the targeting of politicians’ homes in Belgium. The statement draws a clear link between increasing political violence and the rise of far-right parties across Europe, and the signatories commit to “never cooperate nor form a coalition with the far right and radical parties at any level".

Local media reports that four teenagers are under investigation following the Dresden attack against MEP Ecke, and that the MEP will require surgery to recover from the injuries he sustained.


May 9, 2024

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