Cuffe sets sail for Europe


Green MEP launches re-election campaign on board MV St Brigid ship in Dublin harbour

Experienced green voices will protect climate progress in the next Parliament, Cuffe says

Dublin Green MEP Ciarán Cuffe launched his re-election campaign today, saying that strong Green voices in the next European Parliament will be crucial to protect and progress the European Green Deal over the next five years. Speaking on board the MV St. Bridget ship as it sailed from Dublin City to Dún Laoghaire, MEP Cuffe stressed that frontloading investments in climate action this decade will boost the economy, create jobs, and make Europe more competitive, while reducing the future costs of inaction. 

Ciarán Cuffe MEP said:

“This has got to be the decade of change. We need to ramp up climate action and ensure that we have a more livable city for generations to come. More decent and affordable housing, cleaner air and water, expanded green spaces, and top-class transport infrastructure will benefit all Dubliners, and EU green measures can help achieve this. As we do this, we have to make sure that going green is a simple and affordable choice for everyone.

“This is a gentle revolution, and we can spot so many of the opportunities it creates for Dublin right here in the bay. EU investments can help us to provide greener transport at Dublin Port and offer better connections between the city and our European neighbours. EU support for district heating schemes could see the Dublin District Heating System soon providing cleaner, cheaper energy to communities in the south inner city. The Nature Restoration Law will help us to protect marine life in Dublin’s biosphere, and the projects like the Dublin Bay Array wind energy project can benefit from fast-tracked planning and investment monies provided by the European Commission. However, we need strong and experienced voices in Brussels to actually deliver these benefits, and I have the knowledge and influence to be that voice for Dublin.”

He reiterated his call for EU action on housing:

“We are often told that Europe has no powers over housing, but that simply isn’t the case. The EU is playing a role in our housing markets, so it is vitally important that we ensure this role is a positive one. I have been working hard with my Green colleagues over the last five years to improve the EU response to this crisis, but the proposals we have received so far simply do not go far enough. I’m calling for a European Housing Fund to help address the €57 billion annual investment gap in social and affordable housing. This is a fundamental part of the European Housing Crisis response plan developed by the Greens in Europe, and it addresses five priority areas: more affordable and social housing; boosting renovation and construction; ending homelessness by2030; stricter oversight of short-term rentals; and tackling housing speculation.”

Cuffe also addressed the rise of the far-right in Ireland, adding that:

“European history has taught us the devastating consequences of opening the door to far-right forces. We need leaders with the political courage to be honest about the real challenges we are facing, to stand up for the most vulnerable in our society, and to tackle those challenges head-on. The Greens are the antidote to the divisive and polarising politics of the far-right, and we will fight for a better Europe that is greener, fairer, and safer for everyone.”

May 16, 2024

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