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Poster offers overview of SailRail routes to and from Ireland

Following the successful launch of his SailRail Europe documentary and SailRail Manifesto, Ciarán Cuffe MEP is developing a SailRail Europe poster detailing a variety of SailRail routes from Ireland to destinations in the UK and the EU.

If you would like to receive a free poster, all you have to do is email your name and delivery details to with the subject "SailRail Poster Order", and the poster will make its way to you.

You can watch the SailRail Europe on YouTube. SailRailing, or travelling to and from Ireland by rail and ferry, has become an increasingly popular low-carbon alternative to flying in recent years. The new documentary aims to give viewers an insight into the SailRail experience, warts and all.

Since his election as MEP for Dublin in 2019, Cuffe has chosen the slow-travel commute to his office in Brussels as much as possible. A seasoned SailRailer, he invited independent rail commentator Jon Worth to experience the highs and lows of low-carbon travel with him on a trip to Ireland in September. This documentary follows them on their journey from Brussels to Dublin, via Paris, Roscoff (France), and Cork.

Alongside the documentary, MEP Cuffe launched the 14-point ‘SailRail Manifesto’ published here, a how-to guide for improving SailRail services. This manifesto incorporates valuable feedback delivered to Cuffe by audiences who attended two SailRail events he hosted in Dublin and Cork in September. Cuffe will deliver the manifesto to key stakeholders with a role to play, including the relevant ferry, port and rail companies, transport ministers, and acting European authorities.

MEP Cuffe remarked:

“Journeys by rail and ferry are a sustainable alternative to flying as they produce one fifth of the emissions of a flight. There’s real potential to make improvements that can benefit  those travelling to and from Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. Integrated ticketing as well as better internet connectivity could make a huge difference, and provide a quality alternative to flying.”


January 23, 2024

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