Ireland has an SUV problem: Dublin MEP


Irish SUV sales 13% above EU average

2/3 cars sold in 2022 in Ireland were SUVs

Dublin Green MEP Ciarán Cuffe says Irish consumers should be more aware of the danger of SUVs, after the Financial Times revealed that Irish SUV sales are far outstripping equivalent sales in other EU countries. 

The data, provided by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association to the Financial Times, shows that Irish SUV sales were 13% above the EU average in2022, and two in three cars sold in Ireland were SUVs. Global CO2 emissions by SUVs are nearing 1 billion tonnes, according to the International Energy Agency. 

MEP Cuffe said:

“SUVs are frying the planet, and their continued growth has so far cancelled out any gains we have made from rising EV sales. Higher taxes and duties are tempering demand, but we now need to ban the wall-to-wall advertising for such vehicles, as well as restrict their access to town and city centres.
“Particularly in urban contexts, big and heavy vehicles like SUVs are unnecessary: they are stationary for most of their lifetime and only used for very short trips. They make little to no sense from an environmental, economic, or public space perspective.”

He also emphasised the impact of SUVs for road safety: 

“More powerful, heavier vehicles like SUVs are much more likely to cause serious injury or fatalities than lighter cars. In other European cities, SUV drivers face higher fines for traffic violations because they are more dangerous for vulnerable road users. Introducing a similar measure in Ireland has potential.”

He continued:

“The Green Party in government is investing heavily in public transport, particularly in rural areas, and fares are coming down dramatically. We will continue to promote alternatives to dangerous, gas-guzzling monster trucks.”

October 24, 2023

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