MEP Cuffe brings Dubliners together to discuss future of the City


MEP Cuffe Calls for Directly Elected Mayor for Dublin

Dublin’s Green MEP Ciarán Cuffe today held a large public meeting titled A Vision for Dublin which saw Dubliners from across the city and county come together to express their views on how they want to see the City develop in the coming years.  

The meeting addressed crucial issues such as how to improve Dublin’s air and water quality; how to speed up our response to the housing crisis; how to make our streets more playful and safe for our children and how to make sure that Dublin is a welcoming place for all migrants.

MEP Cuffe said: “I was delighted this morning to welcome so many of my fellow Dubliners to the Gresham Hotel in the heart of the City Centre to discuss a range of vital topics relating to the future of Dublin. It has been really inspiring to hear the thoughtful and dynamic ideas that the citizens of Dublin have that would greatly improve the city that we all work, live and play in.

“What is clear from all the contributions heard today is that we need a united voice for Dublin, an elected Mayor who will be responsible for weaving together the various threads that make a city a truly liveable place. It works in Paris, it works in Brussels and it can work here too. Limerick will soon have the opportunity to vote for a Directly Elected Mayor and Dublin should not have to wait much longer for the same opportunity."


March 16, 2024

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