December 11, 2020

Proposed pedestrianisation of a number of streets in the Grafton Street area

Ciarán Cuffe, MEP for Dublin
Green Party Comhaontas Glas
The Tara Building
11-15 Tara Street, Dublin 2

Owen KEEGAN      

By email:

Chief Executive

Dublin City Council

Wood Quay, Dublin 8

Re. Proposed pedestrianisation of a number of streets in the Grafton Street area

Dear Mr. Keegan,

I write to support the City Council’s draft proposals and request that they are expanded to include more of the Grafton Street Area.

I note that the Dublin Business Improvement District has described the area stretching from South William Street to George’s Street and from Lower Stephen’s Street to Exchequer Street as Dublin’s ‘Creative Quarter’, and I suggest that increased pedestrianisation would enhance this designation by encouraging active travel, increasing footfall, air quality and road safety. More car-free streets can bring about a renaissance for Dublin city centre as a place to live, work and relax in as part of our post-Covid recovery.

I ask that you increase your ambition and consider further pedestrianisation as follows:

  • Dame Lane may be appropriate for full or partially pedestrianisation
  • Coppinger Row could be pedestrianised
  • More of South William Street closer to Exchequer Street could be pedestrianised
  • Clarendon Market could be pedestrianised
  • Digges Lane could be pedestrianised

I assume Castle Market and Johnson Court remain pedestrianised even though they are not shown as such on the map. I urge that any future design proposals for the area would enhance the green infrastructure by further tree planting; providing swales, grassed areas and other sustainable urban drainage system interventions. I also suggest that public seating that has been removed should be reinstated, and further seating provided. Further footpath widening may be appropriate. In summary a ‘placemaking’ approach is required with Environment and Traffic, City Architects; Parks Department and the Planning and Development Departments working together on a common goal.


Ciarán Cuffe

MEP for Dublin

Link to submission here.

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