November 30, 2023

Stoneybatter Greening Strategy

Ciarán Cuffe, MEP for Dublin
Green Party Comhaontas Glas
The Tara Building
11-15 Tara Street, Dublin 2 

Dublin City Council,

Civic Offices,

Wood Quay, Dublin 8,

D08 RF3F

Dear Madam/Sir,

Thank you for this opportunity to express my support for the Greening Stoneybatter initiative. If done properly, this project will be an invaluable demonstration of Dublin’s capacity to plan for high density urban living without sacrificing natural beauty and biodiversity. Thus, a balanced approach must be taken which balances practical, aesthetic and ecological considerations. More trees and greater biodiversity can and should be the clarion call for positive change. 

I hope the following suggestions can contribute to the success of this project.

  1. The needs of local residents must be given priority. Care should be taken to avoid  narrowing footpaths or compromising pedestrian mobility. In some instances footpaths can, and should be widened.
  2. The possibility for area-wide traffic calming that limits ‘rat-running’ by car commuters should be explored. Filtered permeability, that can allow emergency service vehicles to pass should be considered. The work of Transport for London should be studied in this regard. Clearly community involvement in the preparation of such plans is vital.
  3. The potential for sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) such as swales or grassed areas should be utilised.
  4. There may be scope for the careful placement of a number of benches within the study area. Such street furniture should be introduced on a temporary basis, and made permanent if there is sufficient public support.

  1. In addition to the welcome proposals for expanding the amount of bike bunkers within the areas, there could also be an increase in the amount of on-street Sheffield bike stands, particularly in the vicinity of retail outlets.
  2. An emphasis should be placed on native tree species, and in particular fruit and nut trees which can offer particular amenity value to local residents.
  3. In general, greater variety in plant types and species will have a greater aesthetic value for creating distinct and vibrant streetscapes. A focus should be put on species that are of benefit to Irish honey bees.
  4. The use of Glyphosate and other dangerous chemicals should be minimised, where possible, and should be limited to controlling invasive and hard-to control species. Alternatives such as the use of detergent, vinegar and flame removal should be used if warrented.
  5. Community composting facilities could be considered, and support for such an initiative might be explored.
  6. The potential for a bio-methane pilot project to produce electricity to power one or more street lights from dog faeces could be considered. It is understood that such a projects has been carried out in Worcestershire in the UK. (

Thank you for taking these comments into consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Ciarán Cuffe

MEP for Dublin

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